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Set-up and Equipment

Test on One or Two Days

Choose between two test protocols: Test execution on one day or test execution on two days. Both test protocols include two sprints, a 12-minute test and a 4-minute test.

We recommend splitting the performance test over two days if:

  • You have a little less experience and fitness.
  • You are so tired after the first all-out test that you do not recover sufficiently in the following 30 minutes. The 4-min average power should be at least 6-8 % above the 12-min power.

Here you can find the detailed test protocols:

Test Indoors or Outdoors

Regardless of the test protocol, the test can be performed either indoors, on a smart/turbo trainer, or outdoors as a field test. The test protocol does not differ between indoor and outdoor.


All you need is a bike, a bike computer and a power meter to record and export your performance data. For the indoor test you need a smart/turbo trainer.

Depending on the set-up you want to analyse your performance with you may ride a road bike, a gravel/mountain bike, or a time trial/triathlon bike.

Note If you are unsure about your performance in the 12- and 4-minute tests, we recommend that you try different performance ranges a few days before the test to get a feel for your performance level.