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New Analysis

Completing the Performance Test

To conduct a performance analysis, the performance test must first be completed. The test can be performed in one or two days and both on a smart/turbo trainer or outside as a field test. Details on the test protocol can be found here and in the Knowledge Base under Test & Protocol.

Data Input and File Upload

Conduct a new analysis by entering the data of the test person (gender, height, weight, age, reference group) and uploading one or more test files.

Reference Group

The reference group you select serves as a standard comparison group for the evaluation of your metabolic profile. You may switch between the reference groups in the performance report of a conducted analysis.

Body Fat Percentage

Entering the body fat percentage is optional. If you know this value, you may enter it to document it and increase the accuracy of the Carbohydrate Management Calculator in your performance report.

Notes and Tags

Notes and tags will help you to add more information to your analyses. The dashboard allows you to filter and organise your analyses according to the tags you assign to them.


AI DIAGNOSTICS supports the following file formats: tcx, gpx, fit, fit.gz