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Knowledge Base > Test and Protocol

Outdoor Test

You may conduct the AI DIAGNOSTICS performance test on any bike with a power meter. You decide on which set-up and under which conditions you want to conduct your AI DIAGNOSTCS Performance Test.

We recommend riding the performance test outdoors as a "field test" if:

  • You will be doing a lot of outdoor training on the road or off-road in the next few weeks.
  • You want to know how much power you really can translate.
  • You want to know your performance and training zones for a specific set-up, e.g., in aero position.
  • You ride mostly outdoors.

Field Test

Find a quiet and steady route and perform the test in a real-world scenario. Details of the test protocol and instructions on how to perform the tests can be found here.

Perform Sprints

  • Reduce your cadence before starting the sprint (30-40 rpm).
  • Reduce your power to about 0.5-0.7 w/kg.
  • The gear you want to do the sprints in, should already be selected. If possible, do not change gears during the 20 second sprints.
  • Do the sprint all-out from the start without pacing. In addition to a high average power, you should also reach your maximum power.

Perform 12- and 4-Minute Tests

  • Start hard but controlled and save some power for the second half.
  • Pace as consistently as possible.
  • Ride both tests in a seated position!

Download the Test Files

After performing the test, the test file must be downloaded from your bike computer. You can find instructions for common models under Download/Export.

Competition/Pacing Strategy

Note If you want to use AI DIAGNOSTICS for a competition/pacing strategy, we recommend to also ride the protocol on a competition bike and in the most specific terrain possible (e.g., as a time trialist on flat terrain and for a cycling marathon in mountainous surroundings).