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Indoor and Zwift test

You may do the test on an turbo trainer with power measurement on the bike or on a smart trainer with integrated power measurement. We recommend that you do the performance test indoors if:

  • You will train a lot on a smart trainer/turbo trainer in the weeks after the test.
  • You do not have the opportunity to ride on a quiet and steady track.
  • You train a lot indoors.

Test using Zwift

If you are a Zwift user, you can download the test protocol here and run it comfortably on Zwift.

Import the test as a Zwift workout

Download the workout file (.zwo) of the test protocol and move the file to Documents\Zwift\Workouts\{personal ID}. The workout will appear in "Custom Workouts" the next time you start Zwift.

Test execution on Zwift

  • Calibrate your smart trainer or power meter.
  • Set up your heart rate sensor (optional).
  • Activate ERG mode in the Zwift settings.
  • Select the "AI DIAGNOSTICS test protocol" in Custom Workouts or create your own workout according to the test protocol.
  • The sprints, the 12- and 4-minute test are designed as a "free ride". Leave the ERG mode switched on and adjust the intensity by shifting gears.
  • The intensity of the breaks is standardised at 65% of your FTP set in your Zwift profile. You may adjust the intensity during the ride. The break is for active recovery and should be a 3/10 on a perceived exertion scale.

Perform sprints

  • Reduce your cadence before starting the sprint (30-40 rpm).
  • Reduce your power to about 0.5-0.7 w/kg.
  • The gear you want to do the sprints in, should already be selected. If possible, do not change gears during the 20 second sprints.
  • Do the sprint all-out from the start without pacing. In addition to a high average power, you should also reach your maximum power.

Perform 12- and 4-Minute Tests

  • The tests are designed as "free ride", i.e., the intensity is regulated by shifting gears. Start hard but controlled and save some power for the second half.
  • Pace as consistently as possible.
  • Ride both tests in a seated position!

Download the test files(en)

Please note that you need to download your performance test as a .fit file. You'll find the instructions at Download/Export.