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A Comprehensive Performance Report

Get a holistic performance profile and understand in which areas the biggest potential can be found.

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Determine Key Performance Indicators

Anaerobic Threshold

The anaerobic threshold is an important indicator of endurance performance and describes a metabolic steady state of lactate accumulation and clearance.


The maximum rate of oxygen uptake is a measure of aerobic capacity.


The maximum lactate production rate serves as a parameter of the anaerobic energy system.

Energy Supply

Knowledge of individual energy and carbohydrate consumption is important for nutrition and pacing strategies in competition and training.


Fatmax describes the highest rate of fat oxidation and is an important parameter of your endurance performance.

Performance Prediction

Modify individual metrics of your metabolic profile and generate an accurate performance prediction.

Benefit From Advanced Features

Training Zones

Identify individual training zones which are important for an effective training.

AI DIAGNOSTICS determines training zones based on an individual metabolic profile. Using VLamax, VO2max, Fatmax and anaerobic threshold, you get individual and differentiated training zones that will really make you faster.

Another feature is precise specifications for specific training methods, such as lactate buildup and decomposition, intermittent exercise or VO2max training.

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Carbohydrate Manager

The AI DIAGNOSTICS Carbohydrate Manager is a unique tool to optimally manage your individual carbohydrate usage in training and competition.

Avoid overtraining and bonking by knowing the size of your available glycogen stores as well as your carbohydrate consumption. Whether low-carb, high-carb, or something in between, a nutrition strategy based on your individual energy expenditure will enhance your training and competition performance.

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Unlock Your Potential

Don't waste any more time and specifically work on your weak points.

Using the AI DIAGNOSTICS performance prediction you can model an improvement of several performance metrics and examine the effect of these changes on your overall performance profile. Understand your metabolic profile and find out which parameters really make you faster.

About Our Potential Analysis


Performance Diagnostics Using Easy-To-Perform Field Tests

Our novel performance analysis methodology provides a comprehensive examination of athletic performance using a straightforward field test.

Testing Protocol in Detail