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Three steps to an individual performance analysis

This Is How It Works

Step 1

Registration & Setup

  • Sign up with AI DIAGNOSTICS
  • Top up your account with "available analyses"
  • Calibrate your power meter or smart trainer

Step 2

Performance Test

  • Familiarise yourself with the test protocol
  • Start the test well rested and with full batteries
  • Ride on your home track or on a smart trainer

Step 3

Analysis & Evaluation

  • Create a new analysis and upload the test file
  • Get an individual performance report
  • Compare and analyze the performance data

The Test Protocol

Two sprints. Twelve minute test. Four minutes test.

Whether on the road or a smart trainer, the test protocol is easy to perform and the recorded data is automatically checked for plausibility. The test can be conducted on one or two days.

One Day Test Two Days Test