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Carbohydrate Manager and Pacing

Performance-Report - Carbohydrate stores and pacing

The AI DIAGNOSTICS Carbohydrate Manager is a unique tool to optimally manage your individual carbohydrate consumption for training and competition pacing. Depending on your performance and carbohydrate intake, you can see exactly how long your carbohydrate stores are sufficiently filled and what pace you can maintain for how long.

Application Scenarios

  • Determine the size of your available glycogen stores in relation to your nutrition.
  • Optimise your nutrition during training and competition.
  • Know your carbohydrate consumption at different power levels.
  • Optimise your pacing strategy in competition.

Carbohydrate Availability

Depending on your carbohydrate availability, the available amount of carbohydrates in your glycogen stores is determined.

Choose between:

  • very good availability (e.g. carboloading)
  • regular availability (e.g. everyday training)
  • low availability (e.g. low-carb training)

Carbohydrate Intake

Here you choose how many carbohydrates can be consumed per hour.


The power you can generate consistently over one hour.

Note Power is limited to just above your anaerobic threshold, as carbohydrate consumption can no longer be determined at a higher energy consumption and other factors limit the power.