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Three Steps to Individual Performance Diagnostics

Our unique analysis process combines artificial intelligence with the latest findings of sports science.

This allows for simple and precise performance diagnostics for cyclists and triathletes of all performance levels, effective training management and sophisticated competition strategies.

AI DIAGNOSTICS Performance-Test

Analyse Your Performance with the AI DIAGNOSTICS Performance Test

Our methodology allows for a comprehensive performance analysis by means of an easy-to-perform field test and can thus dispense with the usual laboratory measurements.

The Testing Protocol

The AI DIAGNOSTICS Performance Analysis Allows...

... to determine and exactly understand performance at the anaerobic threshold

... to use artificial intelligence for performance analysis and effective training control

... the determination of maximum oxygen uptake, lactate production rate and fat metabolism

... the determination of carbohydrate consumption and the development of optimal pacing strategies

... the analysis of strengths and weaknesses and the creation of an individual metabolic profile

... the monitoring of your training progress and the determination of individual training zones

From the lab onto the road

From the Lab to the Road

Our goal is to make the experience and accuracy of classic laboratory diagnostics accessible to everyone.

To achieve this, we evaluated hundreds of laboratory tests and developed a methodology that enables accurate and differentiated field performance diagnostics.

About Us and the Development of AI DIAGNOSTICS

What Athletes and Coaches Say About Us

What Athletes and Coaches Say About Us

“A regular assessment of my performance makes it easier for me to track the process of my athletic development and to monitor, for instance, my VO2max, my anaerobic threshold, and my fat metabolism. In my opinion, the 12 and 4 minute test procedure is easier to perform than other diagnostic procedures.”

Patrick Lange is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Patrick Lange
2 x Ironman World Champion

“With AI DIAGNOSTICS I control my training and regularly check my performance development. The remote performance test helps me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare as best as possible for the next competitions. The possibility to perform the test in my race set-up on the gravel bike is a big advantage.”

Jana Kesenheimer is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Jana Kesenheimer
Ultra Endurance Cyclist

“The AI DIAGNOSTICS performance analysis supports us to coach athletes all over the world. I base the training of my professional triathletes on their individual physiology, so it is a great advantage to be able to perform regular performance diagnostics with my athletes - no matter where they are.”

Björn Geesmann is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Björn Geesmann
Coach and Sports Scientist

“Thanks to AI DIAGNOSTICS, I no longer lose training days due to travel to the lab. During the season I travel a lot from competition to competition and the remote performance diagnostic allows me to determine my performance development from anywhere in a time-saving way. It’s easy to implement the test protocol in a normal training session.”

Tim Wollenberg is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Tim Wollenberg
Professional Cyclist

“The AI DIAGNOSTICS testing protocol is easy to perform and can be easily integrated into my training routine. It’s a great tool that helps me and my coach to evaluate my training progress and determine important training zones in a time and cost saving way. Every 8-12 weeks, I integrate a performance test into my training.”

Elisabetta Curridori is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Elisabetta Curridori
Professional Triathlet

“Anaerobic threshold, VO2max and VLamax are important metrics that every amateur cyclist should know. I use AI DIAGNOSTICS to monitor the development of my athletes and of course for my own training decisions. This year I used a performance test to determine the optimal pacing and nutrition strategy to finish 11th at the Ötztaler Radmarathon.”

Markus Hertlein is using AI DIAGNOSTICS

Markus Hertlein
Coach and Granfondo Elite Cyclist